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This editorial and the fashion film is an approach through the image of the nostalgia, universal feeling that is interpreted by an hankering for the past; something that is not there anymore or is not in the same way than before. Because of this, nostalgia is in relation with the temporality and memory.

This last one is like a hermetic chamber, hard to unravel. It works selectively and, even reinterprets a time already lived. The memory is partially  desintegrated and biased. Nostalgia, depending on memory, it is afected by the same phenomena. It is a dream of sorrow, the scent of a past lover, wet grass and melody stuck in the temples. Why do we sometimes recreate ourselves in nostalgia?

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"Where were you ever happy

 you should never return: time will have done its damage, raising

 its border wall

 against which the illusion will collide stupefied.

 Time will have worked,

 patient, your failure

 while you were missing, while you naively went around the world

 keeping as a memory

 what was underground destruction, ruin.“

 Felix Grande

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